Master your Time, Manifest your Dream Life!

Mara Schär
~ Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Mindset & Wellbeing Coach

Together we build the right mindset for succes! I help you to manifest your dream life, your visions and your goals!

I’m a mindset and wellbeing coach. I work with individuals who want to achieve NEXT LEVEL in the personal life and in business!

I love to help and encourage people in achieving clarity on who they truly are and to teach them the technique of mastering their mindset. I help people to break the circle of struggling with low self-esteem, feeling stuck, disconnected and overwhelmed.

My mission is to touch and transform as many lives as possible. I support individuals who constantly compare themselves to others, worry about judgment, who are burnt out and always put everyone else’s needs in front of their own. I help them to become truly confident, earn more money and have better relations (in the family and at work). 

I encourage people to show up as their authentic self and gain back the control of their lives and goals. 

Beat procrastination and stress with three actionable solutions:
Step #1

Learn how to break bad thoughts and habits, in order to boost your happiness, money, and health.

Step #2

Discover the power of the "five minute rule". 

Step #3

Discover the brain-based science that explains how your ideas affect the quality of your life! Increase your motivation and achieve NEXT LEVEL!

Want to boost your output, money, productivity and efficiency without compromising your work-life-balance?

See what people have to say:

A few months ago I was going through some major changes in my life - I quit my academic job in the US to return to Europe and start a new job in industry. I was struggling with my job search and was very happy when I learned about Mara's personal coaching programme. Through her professional coaching, I regained my confidence and improved my daily job search efforts. Mara helped me prepare for upcoming interviews and shift my focus from negative to positive. After 6 weeks of coaching, I have found my dream job and am looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I am grateful for Mara's support over the past months, not only during the sessions but also for being available for questions between sessions.

~ Anna Woloszyk, PHD, Bio Medical Research Scientist (Berlin)

First of all, I would like to mention the good mood I had before each coaching session with Mara. The joy and enthusiasm Mara probably noticed with which I told about myself during the session. I had confidence from the start that I was in the right environment to open up and be helped. Mara was a gentle, calm, funny, empathetic, ambitious coach who, in addition to recommended exercises and rules tailored to my situation, also provided some insights into my personal life that I had not discovered in a year of psychotherapy. Mara managed in a very short time to discover these aspects and to express them so clearly and effectively that I could integrate them very easily. Some changes are very obvious in my mentality, others, I am convinced, will follow because we planted many seeds together :). I thank her for the positive influence on my life.

~ Iuliana Toma, 
Front End Developer (Bucharest)

Before I met Mara Schär, I was overwhelmed and stressed. Mara has helped me and my team and people have only had good feedback: "The best professionals, great method, great organisation". I can see that she strives to help people by creating a tailor-made plan for everyone. I am grateful to work with such professionals

~ Elaine Skapetis,
Front End Developer (Basel)

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